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Inclusivity through Creativity: Violette Bule // Can You Dream America

  • Inferno Gallery 6100 Main Street Houston, TX 77005 United States (map)

Inclusivity through Creativity

Violette Bule // Can You Dream America


Free and open to the public: Creative explorations on the multilayered reality of migration in the US

Come and explore our creative activities that will have visitors engaging with the themes of Violette Bule’s exhibition, "CAN - YOU - DREAM - AMERICA", at Rice University’s Inferno Gallery.

"CAN - YOU - DREAM - AMERICA" engages with the multilayered reality of migration in the US. This project invites spectators to acknowledge a seemingly irresolvable tension between migration, acculturation, and profit—whether individual or systemic, cultural, identity, material or otherwise. Each piece establishes a bond between the individual perspective and a larger context of oppression, violence, hysteria, and deception—oftentimes-inescapable features of the American Dream. More about the project.

Violette Bule is a Venezuelan, Latinx, Houston-based artist who uses her work to open up dialogue about current social and political issues in the US. Bring your friends and family! 

Read more about the project and event on the Inferno Gallery listing.