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For Our Members: FuenteCo Studio Write-At / Creative Time

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If seeing other writers and artists do their work motivates and inspires you, if working in a group helps you stay accountable, or if you're looking for some creative community, come join us at our members-only studio time! Our Write-at / Creative Time is a space for writers and artists to come together for some uninterrupted creative puttering in the company of like-minded people. No rules, no pressure. Just quiet time in lovely surroundings to focus on your creative projects, be they writing or visual art or anything else! Feel free to bring notebooks, laptops, sketch books, easels, cameras - anything you need to work with or on. We have plenty of room!

Members will receive an email invitation to this special Write-At at our studio. If you’re interested in becoming joining the FuenteCo family, visit our Membership page to find out more!

We also host public Write-Ats at coffee shops around town every now and then! Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter announcements to make sure you catch the latest updates!