FuenteCo Retreats

 break out of your usual creative patterns in a friendly, inspiring atmosphere

At our FuenteCo Retreats, we encourage you to stray outside the comfort zone of your regular genres, routines, and even art forms. Experienced facilitators will guide you through new creative strategies and generative exercises. Whether you unlock a new way of thinking about your writing while hand-binding a book, wander through a gallery and find inspiration in art, or learn to let go of your own inner censor through raw writing exercises, our retreats are always varied, no-pressure, welcoming spaces that invite you to dedicate a day to your creative process in the company of other writers and artists.  



Past Events

See more details about our wildly popular Write Wild Sessions & Creativity ReTREATS!

Write Wild January 2018, with guest facilitator Kelly Sundberg

Write On: Writing Beyond the Limits with Patricia Coral
Excavating A Life: Mining Your Personal Experience for Truth with Kelly Sundberg
The Hidden Shape of Your Words: Discovering New Layers Within Your Stories with Tayyba Maya Kanwal
The Magic of the Ordinary: Pulling Meaning Out of the Mundane with Layla Al-Bedawi

Urgent Narratives, with Patricia Coral

Let go of your inner censor and the internalized rules that are holding you back from telling the stories that urgently want to be told.  Our Urgent Narratives retreat begins with a creative exploration on the Menil Campus. It then leads into an afternoon of discovering and creating new ways of telling your stories. We invite you to follow your curiosity down the path to more freedom and authenticity in your storytelling. 

Coptic Stitch Bookbinding, with Layla Al-Bedawi

Writer and experienced Coptic-stitch bookbinder Layla Al-Bedawi will guide you through the process of conceptualizing and crafting a journal that is inspired by your own creative work and what you intend to use it for, completely unique to you, beautiful but never too precious for your art and words. You'll take home not only the journal you made, but a complete bookbinder's kit to keep creating