A fundraiser to provide free groceries to Puerto Rican families in desperate need after Hurricane Maria. 

FuenteCo is raising funds for La Gran Provision, a Puerto Rican grassroots organization that provides free groceries and supplies directly to families in financially vulnerable neighborhoods who are in desperate need after being hit hard by Hurricane Maria. 

As an organization that fiercely values both local community bonds and global citizenship, we feel it's our duty to use our platform to help Puerto Rico during this time of crisis. We invite you to join us in this effort.

La Gran Provision is run by Herminia "Myta" Diaz, the mother of our co-founder Patricia Coral. Myta and her volunteers will use all raised funds to purchase food staples and toiletries, and personally distribute them to families in need. Through our personal connection with the La Gran Provision team, we hope to give you the chance to help Puerto Rico in a transparent, immediate, and meaningful way.