Collaborative Photo Poems

an All-Day online retreat

an exercise in creativity, experimentation, collaboration, and hybridity


collaborate with Another creative mind

follow your instinct to mix up genres and forms

Create images & poetry inspired by each other

reclaim a whole day to stretch your creative muscles


Facilitators Fran Wilde and Julia Rios talk about collaborative photo poems. 


Our day will dovetail online live video meetings with offline creative time

Online live meeting: We discuss the idea of photo poems--poetry where the image isn't just the background to your words, but where the words are inspired by the image.

Creative Time: Create images - no expertise or experience needed; a smart phone or any camera will will do as long as you can digitally share your photos.

Online live meeting: Share your photos, meet your collaborator and plot the nature of your collaboration. Do you want to work separately, surprising each other with the end products? Do you want to share ideas, feedback, and editing help throughout the project? All of this will be up to you and your partner, but we'll be available during the four video sessions for check-ins.

Creative Time / Online Meetings: After exchanging photos with your partner, you'll write a poem or short piece of text to go with one or more of their images, with enough time to edit and format built in throughout the day. You will have access to a private Facebook group, allowing you to communicate with all participants throughout the day.

Everyone will come out with at least one collaborative work!

Max. participants: 12
Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017
Time: 10 am - 6 pm Eastern Time
Location: Online
Facilitators: Fran Wilde and Julia Rios


Registration: $75


Fran Wilde

Award-winning, Nebula-nominated writer & poet

Julia Rios

Award-winning editor, writer, podcaster & narrator


Cancellation Policy: Full refund on registrations if cancelled 10 business days prior to first session, 50% refund if cancelled 5 business days prior to first session, no refund thereafter