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FuenteCo Write-At

  • Mercantile Montrose 3321 Stanford Street Houston, TX, 77006 United States (map)

FuenteCo Write-At

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We love being creative out in public and to connect with other writers in the community. You can always find the FuenteCo team out and about doing their writing across Houston coffee shops, and we'd love to invite you to join us! If seeing other writers do their work motivates and inspires you, if writing in a group helps you stay accountable, if you want to feel less alone in the pursuit of your creative work, or if you're just looking for some community, our write-ats are for you! Just grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and write. No rules, no obligations.  Just friendly faces and a no-pressure space for you to write.

Write-ats? What are those?

Think of our write-ats as a roaming, ever-changing writing group. An impromptu society of stray writers. Write-ats are location-independent and spontaneous. We're inviting you to write with us at coffee shops all over the city. Our write-ats won't be on a set schedule; weekdays and times will vary. We'll announce each write-at about a week in advance, sometimes less. Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter announcements to make sure you catch the latest updates!

Are there any rules? Goals?

Like we said above, there are no rules in terms of what kind of writing you do, and there are no goals except for those you choose to set for yourself. 

Really, no rules?

Well. Please be polite and kind to the other writers present (and to humans in general). Feel free to say hi and introduce yourself, but throughout the write-ats, we will be quietly working on our writing. After each write-at, you'll have the opportunity to chat and share your progress, if you like. 

Do I have to sign up for these in advance? Do I have to be on time? 

Nope. Our write-ats aren't really events, they're just an invitation to come write while we also write. We won't usually have a reserved space specifically for us, nor will there be any sort of programming. Just show up at any point during the write-at. If you can't make the start time, no big deal. Just pull up a chair whenever you arrive. 

And they're free?


I'm not actually a writer. Can I bring a sketch pad instead?

We would absolutely love that. 

For any other questions, drop us a line at 

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FuenteCo Write-At
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FuenteCo Write-At