"Before I got into bookbinding, I was addicted to buying journals and notebooks. I just couldn't resist a beautiful blank book. The problem was that these books would frequently stay blank, no matter my good intentions. The fear of abandoning a journal after just a few pages, of writing the wrong thing, would hold me back a lot of the time. When I made my firsthand-bound book, I knew immediately that my obsessive journal-buying was over (or, let's face it, at least reduced in frequency). But what I didn't expect was how eager I was to fill the books I stitched by hand. They were simultaneously more meaningful and less intimidating—they were precious, but never too precious for my words. And the best thing is: I can always make more, and each of them will be one of a kind and utterly mine."

Layla Al-Bedawi


Coptic Stitch Bookbinding

a creative introduction


Join us in the relaxing atmosphere of Art of Coffee near the Kemah Boardwalk and create your own, unique hand-bound writer's or artist journal. Writer and experienced Coptic-stitch bookbinder Layla Al-Bedawi will guide you in the creation of a journal that is inspired by your own creative work and what you intend to use it for, completely unique to you, beautiful but never too precious for your art and words. You'll take home not only the journal you made, but a complete bookbinder's kit to keep creating. 


In addition to coffee, tea, and other beverages, Art of Coffee will also have a variety of pastries available for purchase, as well as a small selection of lunch items. Come a little early so you'll have time to grab a drink or a snackand your first cup of tea or coffee is on us! 


Max. participants: 10
Time:  11 pm - 3 pm
Location: Art of Coffee, 609 Bradford Ave, Kemah, TX 77565
Facilitator: Layla Al-Bedawi


Included in the registration are:

  • a cup of coffee or tea at Art of Coffee
  • a finished hand-stitched journal you made yourself during class
  • our FuenteCo Bookbinder's Toolkit, including two curved needles, an awl, a bone folder, a glue stick, and a binder clip 
  • enough signature paper, cover paper, and waxed linen thread to create another book at home
  • a 25% discount on registration for one FuenteCo Book Arts Club Meeting

Registration: $125


Cancellation Policy: Full refund on registrations if cancelled 10 business days prior to first session, 50% refund if cancelled 5 business days prior to first session, no refund thereafter